Free makeover photo shoot scam

With so many companies setting up stalls in shopping centres and busy public places, I take a look to see if free makeovers are really free? Nothing is given away for free anymore unless for promotional reasons. Studio makeovers have been around for a long time but only until recently has this been made affordable to everyone of all budgets and social status.

Why free makeovers aren’t free?

  • A free makeover should be as advertised, ‘free’ but in most cases you have to pay a booking fee of £35 minimum. Now really it should be free but it states in the terms and conditions that they charge a booking fee so that it ensures you turn up as many people have just not turned up in the past. Rest assured they say that the booking fee is refundable but if you wanted to, you could use it to pay towards the cost of any pictures you purchase that day.
  • Some places have luxury photo shoots offering champagne or wine with other refreshments and snacks but this doesn’t always happen on the day. In most cases you have a lot of waiting around until hair and makeup are ready for you. You are crammed into a room with a whole load of other people, mostly models.
  • The costs of photos vary as in most cases you can a free 6X4 print and any extras you have to pay for. The more you purchase the more money you save but it has been reported that some places have bundles where you can purchase up to X pictures. It has been found that a customer paid £310 for 6 pictures only to find out after that she had paid for pictures put on a CD rather than printed photos. The pictures can cost hundreds more depending on the size you will want them blown up to.
  • Another con to studio makeovers are you have to buy the copyright to the photos otherwise they can sell them on for marketing or advertising purposes. This can also set you back £100’s if not £1,000’s.

If you really want a studio makeover, I would advise you to use an independent photographer that have their own studio and not part of a marketing scam. You will pay more than other places that offer this sort of service but it will be much better quality and more personal. If you have children or pets, you can even have the photographer come to your home to capture these precious moments.