Fridgemaster MTRF200A – Review

If your television, fridge or even car breaks down what would you do? I know most people would say that they could go without a television but with such crazy prices compared to just a few years ago you’d be stupid not to just buy a new one. A 50’’ television would cost well over £3000 a few years ago now they are selling for as little as £500, don’t believe me then shop around and see for your self.

When my dad’s fridge broke down a few weeks ago it was a little unexpected as it seemed to be fine, as my dad is a pensioner I offered to buy him a new one. As I set out to find a good reliable fridge he could use for years to come, he suggested I buy a second hand one instead to save some money.

When I had a look at second hand fridges they were really dated and you don’t really know how old they are. You could get a one for about £80 minus a year’s warranty so if anything should go wrong you’d have to fork out for the repairs.

I decided to buy him a larger fridge so he could store more food in the fridge and the freezer to save him going out every few days. I really wanted to buy him a branded fridge such as Hotpoint, Hoover or Samsung but I couldn’t really justify the £800 price tag. I shopped around online and found quite a few good deals under £300. As my dad is a very good handy person who has fixed many washing machines, bikes and even TV’s I knew a cheaper one would do as he could fix it should anything go wrong.

I narrowed the search down to three and one that stood out was FRIDGEMASTER MTRF200A WHITE 6.9 cu ft Fridge Freezer. The reviews were ok and for a single pensioner it should be ok. I never get extended warranty as appliances are most likely to break down after 5 years and in most cases you can purchase this directly from the manufacturer at a cheaper cost.

Fridgemaster MTRF200A
At the cost of £189.99 (2008) it was very reasonably priced, I did read the reviews and they were mixed. I do not really advise this for families as there isn’t really much room in the fridge compartment but the freezer size is very good. It’s not noisy and as my dad lives in a very small flat the fridge has to be in the open plan living / dining room where the TV is and we have never found it noisy. I would recommend this product as it has had no problems and is well suited for my single father who is a pensioner.