Fu Hao Welwyn Garden City Chinese restaurant review

Yesterday night my partner spontaneously decided to go out to eat at a restaurant, it was a Tuesday evening so I thought why not, it shouldn’t be too busy. I was in the mood for Chinese food so I went online to find a good restaurant that was within easy reach as I didn’t feel like travelling too far. I came across Fu Hao in Welwyn Garden City as it wasn’t too far from where I am and decided to give it a try.

There weren’t any reviews for Fu Hao so I wanted to go there with an open mind; from the outside it looks nice and quiet. When we went in it was so tiny there were only 5 tables and a small counter where the waiters were. I think there are some more spaces upstairs but when we went at 7pm only three of the five tables were occupied. When we asked for a table we were directed to the one at the window, just as I was about to sit down I was asked if I could move to the table on the other side of the room.

The waitress was friendly but her English was very poor and she couldn’t understand us and neither could we understand her. My partner wanted Coke and I had pineapple juice, he realised his was flat and asked for another one. The waitress said it came from a bottle not a can and that there wasn’t another one. The bottle was diet coke, we asked for regular! My partner had to opt for apple juice instead as there wasn’t much choice of beverages.

We ordered sweet corn and crab meat soup and Thai spring rolls; we then had a duck dish, squid dish with some egg fried rice and a side of noodles with bean sprout. I love Chinese food so was very excited as it has been some time since we have been out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. The soup was ok nothing spectacular, I’ve had better and the spring rolls were tiny and didn’t taste of much. The squid was horrible; it didn’t taste of anything other than being boiled. The duck was the only thing that was ok but then again nothing spectacular. I have eaten out at many restaurants but this has been the worst so far. If you want food on a budget then this is the place for you but be warned it isn’t very tasty. If you want gorgeous tasting food with a lovely atmosphere and waitresses you can understand then this is not the place for you.

Save your money and go elsewhere as there are other restaurants that are cheaper with better tasting food. I rate Fu Hao 4/10 as the food was extremely disappointing and the restaurant was very claustrophobic.