Gas hob vs electric hob

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a gas hob or an electric hob. To make a better decision you need to ask yourself a few questions about your cooking style before deciding. Below are a few things to consider:

Gas hob vs. Electric hob

Gas is so much quicker at cooking food

If you have a spill, you can clean it up straight away without having to leave it to cool down

Gas is easier to control and won’t burn the outside rim of a pan

Gas hobs are cheaper to run than electric

Why you shouldn’t buy an electric hob

It takes too long to clean because it takes a long time to cool, so food ends up getting stuck

Food takes longer to cook compared to a gas hob

Depending on how much electricity you use, it can cost more than having a gas hob

Due to the positioning of the knobs, the numbers will disappear in time by cleaning products

Having searched forums and asked friends and family, the majority of people tend to prefer a gas hob to an electric hob. Contrary to what most think, gas is cheaper and more economical; electric hobs take time to heat and then too long to cool whereas gas hobs are instantly hot and cool when you lower the temperature making it easier to control.

How to save on a gas hob

Most people decide to change their gas hob when they get a new kitchen. When you have your kitchen designed by a planner, they will try and get you to purchase as many appliances as possible. If you spend over £3,500 they will even throw in a dishwasher. Do not accept, they over price their appliances so when you add them all up you’re paying way over the odds. Have a look at the types of hobs available and even if you see a top of the range designer hob, I guarantee you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

So after you are pleased with your kitchen design and with the appliances, go on the internet and check the hobs availability to purchase. You can get free delivery as well as better prices off internet only companies that save money by not having a shop to run. Save money by getting the gas hob of your dreams today. Remember that there are several types of gas hobs and the cheaper ones will not let pans sit well due to cheap and rushed designs so read reviews before purchasing.