Gold bathroom fixtures

As home decorating becomes modern gold bathroom fittings are no longer seen as fashionable in the home these days. The newer generation will prefer clean cut lines and chrome fittings, saying this first time buyers still have to settle for houses that haven’t been decorated in as much as 30 years so the chances are at least 30% of houses still have gold bathroom fittings. Unfortunately some homeowners think that gold is ‘in’ and continue to splash out and co-ordinate all bathroom fixtures with gold so many people who have moved in the last few years have found that they are left with an embarrassing and unfashionable bathroom suite, if the bathroom has only just been done in the last few years it does not make economical sense to re-vamp it until it starts to look old or falls apart.

What many people do not take into consideration when considering gold bathroom fixtures is that the maintenance is higher than standard chrome bathroom fixtures. In time the gold colouring on the taps, toilet lever and bathtub will fade and look unsightly, this is the point when people will decide to upgrade or change their bathroom suit for a modern one.

A new bathroom can cost a lot of money depending on the style, colour and place of purchase so many families choose to live with what they have until it’s time or necessary to change. If you are unfortunate enough to live in a home where the previous owners also thought it better to have a coloured bathroom suite then it would be better to change everything and start again, if however you have a plain suite with hideous gold fixtures then it is possible just to change the gold to chrome instead.

How to clean gold bathroom fittings?

This is how most gold accessories and fittings lose colour and end up needing to be replaced. You cannot use abrasive and standard cleaning products on gold bathroom fittings. They will tarnish and make your fittings look old and worn out when in fact they are only a few years old. Here’s the best way to preserve gold bathroom fittings:

  • Clean with a cotton cloth regularly
  • Mix salt, flour and vinegar to make a paste and scrub using a cloth
  • Use some ammonia to clean gold fixtures by applying to a cloth and wiping
  • Use commercial gold fixtures solution to keep them gleaming

How to restore gold bathroom fittings?

In most cases once the gold taps and other bathroom fittings start to lose their colour there isn’t much you can do to restore them other than replacing just the fittings and taking care when cleaning and maintaining them. The only other thing to try are colour restorers that can be found in DIY shops and hardware stores, they are like a polish that is applied to the fittings that help them build up colour. It is only a temporary solution as in time they will lose colour again.

To prevent gold bathroom fixtures from losing their colour its best to look after them properly from the very beginning, avoiding household cleaners and wiping them down regularly. Prevention is better than cure!