Gosling Sports Park – Gym review

With a year of travelling in store and a few weddings to attend in 2010 it was the right time to start going to the gym on a regular basis. There aren’t many gyms where I live so I opted for Gosling Sports Park. Before I signed up for the membership I attended a tour to make sure I was getting my money’s worth.

Upon arrival there is ample parking and the reception staff are very friendly, I met with one of the managers who asked what I was interested in and he then proceeded to show me around. As I walked into the Gym I was amazed at how many different types of workout machines they had, it wasn’t cramped and the trainers are always smiling and happy to advise. From the Gym you can see the swimming pool directly below; it is very small and not very deep. There are a few seating Jacuzzi areas within the pool to relax tired muscles as well as a shower, sauna, steam room and other spa rooms that I have not yet ventured into.

After seeing all that was on offer to me I decided it was the right decision to make and immediately signed up for membership. The monthly off peak rate I paid was £37 with a one off joining fee of £49; this membership includes the use of the gym between 9am – 4.30pm, unlimited use of the swimming pool and spa rooms and access to fitness classes. The membership is for 6 months so you can cancel any time after that upon giving a months’ notice. I then booked my induction for the following day.

When I arrived for my induction there was only me and another new member waiting, we were shown the equipment and how to use it; we then were told that the entry keys that were given to us when we joined had to be paid for. We were not told of this before and unless we paid the key wouldn’t grant access to the entrance, pool or gym equipment. You are also entitled to free sessions with the trainers who will then programme your key with a customized exercise program to help motivate you. You can have them changed whenever you feel like you just need to pre book an appointment. There are also private one to one sessions with personal trainers at a fee of around £25 an hour. This comes in very handy when you need that extra push to lose those stubborn few pounds left to lose.

I have been going to the gym for 3 months now 5 days a week Monday to Friday, it was the best thing I have ever done. I’m in so much better shape and I know if ever I need a private lesson I can get it all at the same place without having to go back and forth.