Graduate swaddle blanket Summer Infant review

Since my daughter was born she has been swaddled, as a newborn until the age of around 4 months she fit perfectly but as she outgrew it the next stage up was the graduate swaddle blanket also by Summer Infant.

I bought my Graduate swaddle blanket from eBay as it was brand new but cheaper than the high street shops. As I waited I could see that the standard swaddle blanket was no longer doing its job of keeping my daughter swaddled. When she was around 12 weeks old I noticed that her hands were starting to break free, she is a very strong girl and also a terrible wriggler that’s why swaddling works so well for her.

Since she has been swaddled she sleeps great going to bed at around 9pm and waking at around 7am and not waking in between for feeds. On the few occasions that I didn’t swaddle her because it was too hot she would wake up at least twice through the night and finding it harder to settle.

So the graduate swaddle blanket had arrived and I was eager to give it a try, so after her evening bottle I put her in it, as she started to fall asleep I then went to wrap up her arms but the swaddle blanket is by far too big and doesn’t connect to Velcro. As it is too large, when my daughter frees her hands the blanket part that wraps over covers her face! I was lucky to check on her just before I went to bed; I was so angry and scared that I had to put her back in her old swaddle blanket as I find an alternative! I will be contacting Summer Infant to tell them that it is unsafe but in the meantime I do not recommend it as it will not contain your little one especially if they are a wriggler!

I know in time I will have to wean her of swaddling but right now she is far too young to sleep train and swaddling works great for us.