Haart estate agent Welwyn Garden City review

We decided to sell our house and because Haart were very successful on out street we decided to call them for a valuation. One house on our road sold in just one day! I called explained I was moving away and needed a buyer fast. The agent came round and had a look, sat down and talked to us about how she could help etc. She told us realistically how much we could get and what to market the price at for it to sell now, we were happy with the value.

The fee would be around £4,000 but an EPC would be £175 as it included loads of other things as well as a premium listing upgrade. We have an existing one so that wasn’t needed and there are not many houses on their books so we didn’t need a premium listing either. Solicitor’s fees were around £1,000 and there is nothing to pay if you pull out of the contract as long as you don’t sell the property after leaving them and within the contracted period. The estate agent wasn’t pushy, listened to us at all times and told us everything we needed to know in terms of selling quickly. She was very laid back but knew what she was talking about and never once fobbed us off. It’s worth doing a little research so you understand ahead when an estate agent comes round so you don’t get tricked into purchasing things you don’t need etc.

Well when we decided to go ahead we go our very first viewing the next evening which was a Friday, then over the weekend we had 7 or so one after another. At first it was great but as you show people round and find out more about them I came to find that none were suitable for our house. Haart does not screen people that want to view a house they just give them the address and send them over. I was a little disappointed because I did say that I needed to sell quickly with no messing about.

We have no bath as we decided it was not needed, instead we have a shower cubicle, they sent round heavily pregnant people, those who were thinking of starting a family and fat people that would not even fit. They also sent round people who were new to the market and had no clue what they were looking for. In all we were very tired and disappointed.

Just when we decided to pull out of the contract with Haart we received an offer, this was just two weeks after we put the house on the market. Of course we negotiated on the price and finally agreed and that was that.

Haart are good but just don’t take their word for anything, you can never trust an estate agent. Also do not buy their EPC package as it’s a waste of money, if a house was sold before 2003 then an EPC already exists and can be retrieved at a nominal fee (less than £10 is reasonable) otherwise you will pay £60 for a new one when it is not needed. Also do not go with their solicitors, they are not reliable at all.