Like me I am sure that there are people all over the UK that do not like Halloween and the ‘trick or treating’ that comes with it. Halloween is an old tradition that is very popular in the US, there people go out of their way to enjoy the festivities. I’m sure if you were to ask any young child here in the UK they wouldn’t be able to tell you why it is celebrated. Children think Halloween is a fun time where you dress up and get loads of sweets. When will parents learn that by lying to their children they are creating much confusion for them and they should be told the real reason no matter how scary it is.

Other than small children dressing up and going with their parents there are older teenagers who will terrorise youngsters and see it as an opportunity to wreck homes and driveways. Although it is rare those who live in rundown neighbourhoods and impoverished areas will suffer the most by uneducated scum.

Common stupid Halloween pranks

  • Trashing the driveway
  • Throwing toilet rolls over trees
  • Vandalising cars
  • Throwing eggs
  • Throwing flour
  • Throwing rotten food such as tomatoes

If you do not want to answer the door for a trick or treat then the Metropolitan Police have advised you put up a sign saying so. If you are lucky enough to have a wireless door bell you can just disconnect it as that’s what I’ll be doing this year. Don’t put up decorations or pumpkins if you do not plan on opening the door it’s just an invitation for kids to press the doorbell.

Halloween has been come a commercialised holiday with many shops profiting from the sales of cards, pumpkins, sweets and other themed items. Most people now also have a Halloween themed party as an excuse to get together but after paying for the costume, decorations, Halloween sweets and food the cost can soar and it is worth putting towards something else. When will people understand that Halloween is not an important holiday to celebrate and in recent years has become even more dangerous. In some states sex offenders have to display a coloured poster in their window to alert parents that there is a very dangerous sexual predator living in that house, here in the UK there is no such measure so children are knocking on doors at their own risk!