Homebase Family Quick Growing Lawn Seed – Review

After buying my house I decided to remove the two ponds and the large greenhouse from the garden. The garden is quite large around 85 feet in length and with sunshine all day long. The ponds were outdated and the greenhouse was never going to be used. After removing the ponds and the greenhouse I was left with three different patches of soil with grass growing around it. I really wanted to do the entire garden but I then realised that it was too much of a big job to do myself.

Lawn seed
I then decided to plant the seeds and the grass grow naturally rather than buying turf. There were so many different brands and seeds to choose from so in the end I went with Homebase Family Quick Growing Lawn Seed 500g. It only cost £6.99 and could cover an area of 10m² other lawn seed brands were costing in excess of £9 so it thought I’d give it a try. It says it takes around 7 days to germinate but this was not the case.

After preparing the areas that needed lawn seed we planted them and made sure it was well watered. A week went by and nothing, then after 3 months we started to see some growth. The grass grows very quickly overtaking the existing lawn we have already. When cutting the grass its fine for about two weeks until it starts to overgrow again much faster than what I already have.

If you must use Homebase lawn seed then I would advise that you do the whole garden not just patches as it looks odd when growing. It will take longer that the 7 days it says on the box so be prepared to wait a while. Like mentioned before the grass will grow extremely quick and you may need to cut it every two weeks so that it looks neat and tidy.

If I could go back in time I would have gotten turf instead! Although it is pricier I know that the whole garden would look better than it does with lawn seed. There’s no waiting around time for the grass to grow and there is no back breaking task of sowing the seeds. For the price I paid I shouldn’t really complain but beware that the grass may not grow in all areas as I have found in my garden.