Homebase kitchen review

After buying a new house, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to move in or rent it out while I spend some much deserved time travelling the world. Due to being undecided I opted to buy a cheap kitchen that would last at least 5 years until I decided what I wanted to do with it.

Choosing my new kitchen
I first went to Moben and found the starting prices for the kitchens to be £5000; I then went to B&Q but couldn’t find a simple design for a rental property. I then ended up in Homebase and found a simple white gloss kitchen design. I spoke to an advisor who went through the things I required in my kitchen and he quoted me around £5000 for the kitchen. I told him it was absurd and I could get it for half that price.

Homebase kitchen planning
I came for my appointment in Homebase Enfield and was greeted by Jonathan the kitchen planner. After going through the kitchen specification, he then proceeded to design the layout for me. As there was some information missing, I then had to arrange another appointment for the final details. Upon arriving he had another client with him so I waited and after 20 minutes I was ready to leave. In total I waited over an hour! I had enough and left the premises. He phoned to apologise and asked me to come down again but I refused. After much grovelling, I gave in and went back. I managed to get the kitchen down to £1200 and bought the taps and sink somewhere else because it was much cheaper.

Fitting Homebase kitchen
The quote for a kitchen fitter cost more than the kitchen coming in at £2500, so I refused, I found a local kitchen fitter who did it for £650. He had many problems with the workmanship of the kitchen units, the hinges provided were wrong! I had to go back and forth trying to find the correct ones; the same went for the corner unit next to my sink in the kitchen. The design planning was bad and the corner door wouldn’t open! Luckily I had a reliable kitchen fitter to correct the mistakes made by Homebase!

As I was undecided about whether to buy a gas hob or an electric hob Jonathan advised it was against the law to have a gas hob in front of a window, we listened to him and bought an electric hob. When we were having the kitchen fitted we had a council planner over and asked him about the gas hob in front of the window. He said there were currently no regulations that were in place preventing us from doing so! I was so angry that I wanted to sue him; I then decided it wasn’t worth it but I have written this to warn people of the dangers of buying a kitchen from Homebase.

Don’t buy a kitchen from homebase as the unnecessary mistakes cost me time and money, Jonathan isn’t well trained and Homebase kitchens are not worth the money!!