Indian hair oil for hair growth

Two years ago I decided to cut off my thigh length hair in favour of a really short funky hairstyle. At the time it was great although my family didn’t really approve. When I went to work I was unrecognisable and it was so much easier to style all I had to do was brush it and I was out the door. Now I’m a little older and wiser I really hate it! If anyone told me how much hard work short hair is I would never had believed them! As my hair has started to grow it’s been very awkward trying to find a style to cut it whilst it grows out. I have found that the bob with loads of layers works really well for me.

My sister in law announced 7 months ago that she will be getting married in April 2010, so since then I have been trying my upmost best to let my hair grow as much as it can so I can style it better for the wedding. I went to the hairdressers for my 8 weekly haircut and she did a really good job but now I’m will wait until April to have my next one so my hair can grow the maximum it can.

Hair growth remedies
Since September 2009 I have been using an old Indian technique that women still using all over the world to make hair grow faster and thicker. It’s very cheap with minimum disruption and safe to use for all. Oil, yes oil, not cooking oil but specially formulated hair oil that prevents split ends, makes hair soft and bouncy and best of all really thick. There are many oils that you can buy, you just need to try them all until you find the one best suited to you. I currently alternated between Gooseberry oil and coconut oil.

Indian hair oil
Amla hair oil is made for gooseberry and will make hair lighter if used very frequently, I apply it once a fortnight for a minimum of 6 hours. It washes of in just one wash so you don’t have to keep repeating making it ideal to use on a Sunday afternoon. Hair will be exceptionally shiny and bouncy for the next day at work.
Coconut oil usually hardens into a thick paste that is impossible to squeeze out, you will need to put the bottle in a bowl of hot water so it can turn to oil. Coconut oil can be very greasy to apply and can stain paintwork if you’re not careful, you may also need to wash hair twice with shampoo. The results are really nice shiny hair feeling soft to the touch.

Almond oil, black seed oil and castor oil are all said to prevent hair loss or help grow hair. As I have only tried gooseberry and coconut I can’t actually say they make my hair grow faster but it certainly makes it healthier using natural products.