Jobs that require only GCSE’s

With the shrinking economy and university degrees being worthless, it’s not hard to see why many students are shunning A-levels and settling for just having GCSE’s. Parents are also finding it hard to fund their children though University and there’s also the problem of the big debts students are left with when they finish University. If you have been unfortunate to be left with just GCSE’s, there are still jobs you can get that will still provide you with a sufficient income to do all the things you would like.

Jobs that require only GCSE’s

Receptionists – all companies need someone on the front desk so there will never be a short demand for receptionists. There are a wide range of environments that receptionists work from including, hospitals, schools, sport centres and big or small business. Not much is required from you but a general idea or some work experience will come in handy. Salary between £12-16k rising to £20-24k.

Medical secretaries – they are always needed to help run the administration office and type medical and non medical reports for patients. You will need good English skills and typing skills, a secretarial course is recommended to help you take the first step. Salary for NHS £14-22k, the private sector offers more money varying from £16-26k.

Accounts clerks – as long as there is a thriving business there always will be the need for accounts clerks. You will need to have good maths and confident use of computers. Experience is helpful but there are many employers who will train you from scratch. Salary £12-16k rising to £20-22k with experience.

Fitness instructor – this job is always up for grabs in the New Year when Gym membership is highest after the festive period. You may need a qualification to gain employment like a short college course but there are also assistant instructor jobs available with the chance to gain a nationally approved qualification. Salary £13k rising to £20k, as you get experience look into going freelance where you could earn £20-35 an hour.

Customer service – usually to resolve complaints, enquiries over the phone, face to face or through emails. A standard general education is expected with excellent people skills required; no experience is usually required. Salary £13-19k.

Waiting staff – needed to take orders, serve customers and sometimes prepare food. You won’t need much other than good English and Maths GCSE’s and excellent people skills. Salary £11-15k rising to £19k with experience.

Care assistant – working with children, people with learning or physical disabilities or older people and families. You can usually apply for these jobs and they will pay you while you also study to get a qualification. Previous experience through volunteering or family issues can be beneficial. Salary £12-16k rising to £21k with experience.

There are many employers who do not look down on you if you do not have a degree and although they can help you get better well paid jobs, we all have to start somewhere. There are loads of jobs that don’t require GCSE’s so start looking and earning today.