Keeping the house warm in winter

As we get further into the winter months many people will find that the jobs that they put off during summer months were a mistake and many easy DIY jobs will now make winter even more unbearable. Broken or old window seals, unlined curtains and doors with gaps should be maintained throughout the year as when the cold winter months arrive there is not much to do or fix as the cold makes us very lazy.

Here are some tips on keeping the home warm during the cold winter months

Make sure that curtains are lined, unlined curtains are cheaper but lining can be purchased and added to make it bulkier and thick. Having heavy curtains will keep draft out and keep the heat in when the heating is on.

Make sure there are no gaps around or under any doors, use an old towel or buy a draught excluder to make sure cold air cannot get in through under the door.

Check window seals to see if they are broken or missing, you can put temporary seals around the window that will last the winter until they are replaced properly.

Put up cling film or a clear shower curtain to retain heat around defective windows.

Keep all doors closed especially if not being used, just one door with a small draught can make the house cold and cause the heating to be ineffective.

Carpets and rugs are good insulators and will keep the house warmer for longer, if you have wooden or laminate flooring having even a small rug can make a difference.

Make sure the attic has been insulated and boarded this will make a difference as heat rises and will escape from the roof. By making sure it is boarded and insulated heat will take longer to leave and keep the upper floor warmer.

When the heating is not on use a blanket and drink warm beverages such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate. This will keep you warmer for longer.

Lighting even a small candle will emit heat and keep a small room warm; the same applies to appliances that retain heat such as the television, oven and cooker.

There are many little tips that can help keep you and your house warm during the winter months some may sound silly but they can work even if it is a short term solution. Share your tips if you have anything to add and help keep the nation warm.