Khyber Balti House Hatfield review

I’m not really into celebrating Valentine’s Day but as it will be the last one as a couple before baby arrives I thought it would be nice not to cook and have a takeaway instead. I chose Khyber Balti House in Hatfield because it was close and the reviews were good. I haven’t had Indian food in over 6 months so was looking forward to having this special treat and nigh off from cooking.

I ordered my meal online from Khyber Balti House with the expected delivery time of around 45 minutes to an hour which is standard to all the takeaways in the area. I ordered:
1 mango lassi
1 Shazani chicken
1 king prawn bhuna
1 aloo gobi
3 naans

Being pregnant and suffering from heartburn I didn’t want spicy food which was great because I didn’t order any, my favourite Indian dish is a king prawn bhuna but the one I ordered was terrible, it had no taste and the prawns were not very good quality. I was disappointed with that dish, the mango lassi is also a favourite drink of mine when I have an Indian curry but it was too sweet and was delivered in a white takeout container, not a takeaway drink cup like at fast food places.

For some reason the chicken made me feel sick and didn’t taste of anything, it was supposed to be tangy because of the lime but it did not taste of anything at all! The aloo gobi (potatoe and cauliflower) would have been ok but the cauliflower was too hard so I couldn’t break it into smaller pieces let alone eat it.  The naan bread was nice and was still soft the next day.

We also received 2 complimentary poppadoms with mint sauce and some strange sliced onions and tomatoes but we didn’t really want them then so saved them for the following day. The mint sauce already started to curd and went off so we had to throw it away. All together the meal came to £24.25 but it wasn’t really worth it, I could’ve gone to Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s or Marks and Spencer’s and gotten a 3 course meal for two for £10!

Save your money and don’t bother eating anything from Khyber Balti House in Hatfield as none of the dishes were tasty, it’s supposed to be an Indian restaurant I could have done a better job with the pre-bought sauce at the supermarket!