Lack of zebra crossings for pedestrians

I have noticed that there aren’t as many zebra crossings as there used to be, as a driver its great but for pedestrians this is causing many problems. As a result of fewer zebra crossings pedestrians are now crossing the road where ever they feel like it; this is both dangerous for them and drivers. Of the few zebra crossings I have come across, not many drivers stop these days and choose to ignore them and continue full speed ahead, rarely do they slow down or give way to pedestrians to cross.

In America they have a law for pedestrians that cross the road where they feel like, it is also called jaywalking. If you are caught or stopped you can face a fine or even a prison sentence depending on how serious it was. In the UK however there are no such laws to prevent pedestrians crossing the road wherever they feel like so the accident rate is higher for careless pedestrians.

Although there is notable difference in how many official zebra crossings there are pedestrians argue that drivers should be aware of them and slow down, if this is how everyone feels then people would be stepping out into the road all the time. More needs to be done to ensure that pedestrians are able to cross the road safely and those who don’t should be aware of the consequences.

The worst offenders I have come across are those with children thinking that they have right of way, this is very dangerous and annoying if you happen to drive down a road where school has just been dismissed, parents and children walk on the roads with disregard to drivers. They also step onto the road to cross over without checking first! I really hope that pedestrians become a little more considerate for people who must use their cars and have children present in the car when driving too as an accident can devastate not one but two families.