Limescale remover for washing machines

One of the unnecessary expenses we have to make in the home is replacing or repairing a washing machine. If your warranty has not yet expired, then you may well be able to have the machine repaired for free. If the warranty has expired then you may have to fork out the cost of a new washing machine. The biggest problem for washing machines is the risk of limescale that’s why all washing machine manufacturers advise using limescale remover for washing machines.

The chances are when you first purchased your washing machine you bought limescale remover such as Calgon. Many washing machine manufacturers do not recommend Calgon as it is proved useless in preventing limescale build up. Instead all repairers recommend their own brand that they have, it is usually specially formulated to work with their manufactured machines. Many customers who have bought own branded limescale remover for their washing machines have been pleasantly surprised.

For example Indesit and Hotpoint use a universal brand that they recommend to all their clients; when you speak to them over the phone they really push for you to buy 2 years worth of limescale remover. It costs cheaper to buy it over the Internet than over the phone with them. The limescale remover has had many satisfied customers who even say that it has gotten rid of foul smells coming from the washing machine drum.

Why should I use limescale remover

Limescale is the most common reason for buying a new washing machine
Limescale will prevent the drum from spinning along with other functionalities problems
The filter can also get clogged due to limescale preventing washing machines from spinning
Limescale remover will soften the water so less detergent is needed for optimal results

Overall using another brand such as the manufacturers recommended products can save you much more money. Calgon advises using a tab in every wash whereas manufacturers own brands can have better results by using just once a month. Washing machines including the detergent drawer are left gleaming. You may also find that the drum spins smoothly, there’s less noise and no bad smells. As well as manufacturer own branded limescale removers, there are other companies that also offer the same results using their products. The only way to know for sure is to try them out yourself or read reviews before purchasing. You could even email or write to the manufacturer asking for a small sample before purchasing, I’m sure they will comply.