Luxury cat hotel

One of the added expenses of going on holiday for pet owners is the task of finding someone to look after their beloved pets or a suitable boarding house for the duration of their holiday. You can get pet sitters that visit your home to feed and care for your pets but the thought of letting a stranger into your home is scary for most home owners. Finding a reputable and reliable cattery or dog boarding is also tricky most places need proof of vaccinations and paperwork before they even consider looking after your pet. With the annual vet bills increasing each year not many pet owners are not vaccinating their pets on a yearly basis. Another but costly option for cat owners specifically is finding an ‘animal hotel’. The costs can mount up but if you have the money and really want the best for your pets then this can also be a little holiday for your cats too.


Luxury cat hotel

There are many of them all over the UK and very popular in America. The reason they are called ‘luxury cat hotels’ is because they are more like private apartments that are on the ground floor and have a garden view and lots of room inside to play. Cats will be fed daily and some cat hotels also have a play room or recreation room that they can also play in. The rooms all have an activity centre, bedding and sometimes even a cat sized sofa. The only downside of this is that they don’t actually get to go outside and roam around like many cats do. They have a small garden enclosure at the end of their ‘apartment’ that allows fresh air in and they can see outside. Some older cats no longer use litter trays and most still like to spend a lot of their time outside lazing around in the sun on a nice day. Cat hotels do not allow this as they can get confused and run away so they are confined in this ‘apartment’ for their duration of stay.

Cost of luxury cat hotel stay

I have found the cheapest price of £8.95 for one days stay at a cat hotel but prices can go up to as much as £25 a day, for a second cat sharing the same room its usually a reduced rate but only a few pounds less than the standard rate. They do look very cosy and clean but for the price you pay it isn’t really anything special. It’s just another way of people to exploit cat owners to make money out of them. I have two cats and they spend a lot of their time outdoors even if it’s raining or snowing, they also do not use litter trays so a cat hotel would upset them as they would be confined all day.

If you do choose to send your cat to a cat hotel then make sure they have been vaccinated and neutered as well. The accommodation should also be approved by the council, don’t be fooled by professional looking websites, always visit first to make sure it is up to a high standard. A weeks lodging for one cat can cost as much as £80, for two cats £144 so before you fork out make sure you do a little research first.