Marks and Spencer’s personalised cake food order

It was recently my husband’s 30th birthday and I realised that I needed a special cake at the last minute. I’ve had so much to do that I forgot that to order a custom made cake it needs to be ordered months if not weeks in advance. Luckily for me Marks and Spencer’s now do catering for parties and special occasions. It was a life saver being able to order a cake one week before the party, there are a few cakes to choose from though there isn’t that much choice when it comes to colour and themes etc. I originally wanted a number 30 cake but it was too expensive, in the in end I settled for a triple layer chocolate cake as my husband and I are both chocoholics.

I placed the order on a Friday evening and it was ready for pick up the following Saturday, I even got to choose a time slot which was practical for me. The cake was very pricey at the cost of £50 but I really didn’t have much choice and it was very big, large enough for 40 people. I got an email the day before to tell me my cake was ready for the time slot I had chosen, all I needed to bring was my printed invoice or order number with proof of identity.

When I went to pick up my cake all I was asked for was my name so I’m glad I didn’t bother digging out the printer to print out my order. I wasn’t even asked for identity confirmation either, the cake was very big and heavy so I’m glad my sister was there to carry it for me. As it was a very hot weekend I put the cake in the fridge as you do with most cakes, it was for the party the next day so I wanted it to be as fresh as possible, it’s also good for up to 7 days.

24 hours later I took the cake out of the fridge so that the party could start but when my husband came to cut it, it was rock hard! I didn’t realise that it should’ve been left out, we had to leave it out overnight to thaw out! There was nothing on the box to advise of storage such as the ideal temperature, whether it should be in the fridge etc. When we finally got to taste the cake it was ok but nothing special! I did feel a little ripped off, a cheaper £10 cake off the shelve would’ve been better. My husband didn’t really complain as he loved it but I was the one that paid £50 for a rock hard cake!

I don’t really advise buying a Marks and Spencer’s personalised birthday cake it was nothing special and they are all really expensive. You can get shop bought ones and personalise them yourself for a fraction of the price.