Medivet investigation

All pet owners will need to visit a vet sometime during the duration of their pet’s life and most visit yearly for inoculations. We all trust our vets because we believe they look after our beloved pets as well as we do but recently one of the biggest vets, Medivets was investigated for abuse, ripping off customers and endangering the lives of thousands of pets.

In some ways I know that going to the vet is overrated, flea and tick medicine sells for a fraction of the price online and so do other medicines such as eye drops and worm medicine. But when you visit your vets you pay over the odds for medicine you can buy elsewhere but cheaper, they try to scare you and make you buy from them. But if you do your research you can find a reputable company online. You can also be sure that blood tests and investigations are advised when they are not really necessary but if you have insurance it is covered other than that you will pocket the expenses.

Medivet have branches all over the UK and with many 24 hour centres you would think that they are the most reliable day or night should your pet need medical attention. An investigation has found that they have been unnecessarily overcharging their clients and suggesting expensive treatments that they just do not need. Many pets are treated badly by hanging them in the air to examine them and even beating them to stay quiet. This is unacceptable as many pet owners look after them as they were their own kids.

The investigation into Medivet also found that trainee nurses and vets have been made to carry out life threatening procedures with little or no supervision. This is very distressing as the loss of a pet has no compensation, if you have insurance they can offer you a few hundred pounds but this cannot replace your loss.

How to choose a reputable vet?

  • When you call the receptionist should be knowledgeable and friendly, if she doesn’t know the answer to your query she should call a nurse who will be happy to help you
  • If you go for an appointment the vet should not push you to have treatments or other things you may not want such as micro chipping, do not be fooled if they say they have a limited time special offer
  • Stay clear of vets that constantly hound you through letters and telephone calls they’re touting for business and should be avoided
  • Shop around for prices of things such as vaccinations and neutering as you will find they can vary a lot

Remember not all vets scam people so if you find one that’s reputable and meets your pets needs stick with them. Try and use a vet that a friend or neighbour recommends as they are hard to come by.