Memory foam mattress review

A few years ago I started to suffer from a bad back and as my mum has also had problems with hers I knew it was a matter of time before it started to affect me too. I did some research and found that there was a lot of hype surrounding memory foam mattresses so I did a little research. Compared to a ‘standard’ spring mattress I was impressed as the mattresses I have had in the past had springs stick out after a few years which can be very dangerous. I needed a mattress that was firm but not too firm as I have a husband that would also be sharing this bed.

I went to all the major be stores including Dreams, Silentnight and local furniture shops such as Harvey’s, I tested them all out. They were really comfortable and my husband seemed to like them too, when I checked the price they were really ridiculous such as £500 – £800 for a mattress. I did check the website prior to going and they were cheaper such as £120 – £350 but they were really thin mattresses or mattresses that were soft. I was really disappointed, the bed frame I wanted was only £120 so spending up to £800 on a mattress seemed really silly.

I finally did buy my mattress through eBay and was so pleased I bought another one for the spare bedroom. All the guests that have slept in the spare room have complimented me on the good night’s sleep they had. Even my mum, dad, sister and aunt want one since sleeping on the bed. I would advise buying memory foam pillows too; they really do make a difference.

One year after purchasing my memory foam mattress

Like everyone who buys something at a bargain price you wonder how it will fair in a year or more from the time it was purchased. I bought my memory foam mattress for £120 with the recommended retail price (R.R.P) of at least £400 through eBay. I was willing to take the risk as I have purchased many things through them with no problems. So one year later I am pleased to say my mattress is still fantastic, it has retained its firmness and not sagged. I still have a wonderful night’s sleep and my memory foam pillows are still as good as new. The downside is that the memory foam mattress is so well insulated that during the summer months you can get very hot and sweaty but then again it’s a god send for the cold winter months as after a few minutes on the mattress you are nice and snug.

I would recommend a memory foam mattress but do try it out first as some people have difficulty adapting to a mattress that moulds to your body. Shop around and do not be afraid to purchase online from a reputable dealer.