Memory foam mattress topper

It’s amazing what lengths companies will do to draw in customers. As I previously wrote about memory foam mattresses it was only fair I do the same for memory foam mattress topper.

What is a memory foam mattress topper?
It’s the same as a mattress only thinner, it is placed on top of your original mattress most likely one that you have had a long time like a spring mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers were introduced because the market for memory foam mattresses was becoming increasingly popular. It is so popular that some customers are willing to fork out up to £1000 for a memory foam mattress.

Although I have two memory foam mattresses on in my bedroom and in the guest bedroom £1000 a mattress is quite shocking. So when companies try to sell memory foam mattress toppers they only start from around £70 so it looks like you are making a saving. In reality you are being made a fool as a full sized memory foam mattress can cost as little as £100.

Memory foam matters toppers in my opinion are just another way for memory foam manufacturers to make more money. You do not actually save any money as the mattress under the topper will need to be thrown away anyway so you should just buy a memory foam mattress that will last a long time anyway.

Memory foam mattress toppers usually last a lot less that the mattress, studies have found that o average they only last around 2 years but the memory foam mattress will have a guarantee of 5 years. Other factors such as weight and mattress condition will also have a negative effect on the toppers life span. People who are overweight will find that the memory foam will lose its firmness and elasticity quicker. If you have a mattress that is sagging already then by putting a mattress topper on top will only cause it to sag too, cutting its life span in half.

If you do choose to buy a mattress topper instead of a mattress then shop around to make sure you are getting a good deal. Also be aware that you may have to buy another in a few years, beware of companies that do not provide you with enough information such as depth, firmness and density. You may come to find that your product is not at all that was described. Most reputable companies also come with at least one years guarantee but memory foam mattresses can come with as much as a 5 year guarantee so if you are spending too much ask yourself why.