Nabru sofa review

When I started to decorate my living room I always knew that I wouldn’t settle for anything other than a corner L shape sofa. Although I painted my living room cream with a red flowery feature wall I wanted a red sofa to lift the room so it wouldn’t look so boring. It was proving difficult finding a sofa that would meet my taste and when I realised my dad’s 60th was just round the corner I had to act fast.

I went to DFS, Land of Leather, Harvey’s and other local sofa merchants and they didn’t really have anything that I was looking for. As I was adamant that I wanted a corner sofa all the stores were saying it was at least 3 months before the sofa would be delivered. I had a month before I had a party at my house and was finding it difficult to find a sofa that would be delivered on time! I even looked at ‘normal’ sofa sets that had a 3 seater, 2 seater and armchair but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Finding Nabru
I decided to go on the internet and see if I could get a custom made sofa in time for my dad’s party, I stumbled across Nabru and found that I could have a sofa meeting my requirements in as little as 3 days! I was very impressed but for those who don’t know about Nabru sofas they are self assembly sofas that have a wooden base. At first I was very sceptical of this as the prices of the sofas are very cheap; I was also concerned about how long the sofas would last. I decided to go to the showroom and see for myself. The showroom for Nabru sofas is in Uxbridge and living in Hertfordshire the drive there wasn’t too bad.

The showroom is within a business park and upon arrival we were greeted by a sales person who showed us the different combinations and fabric options that were available. The sofas were very well presented and the options were incredible, it was so nice to see that they had already made sofas in different combinations. As I was set on a corner sofa whilst in the showroom I changed my mind to a U shape sofa unit. The sales person sat down and did the design for us on the computer; it was fantastic seeing it in 3D. We took the specification with us to check over at home and decided to go for it.

Before purchasing a Nabru sofa I did read some reviews and they were very good! I decided to see for myself and go ahead and purchase. I had a red base with cream suede seating and metal feet, we also paid £40 for the delivery person to assemble it for us as we were busy decorating at the time. The man who assembled the sofa was very quick and assembled it in 30 minutes, we were glad we paid for the service as we had so much to do. I also like the fact that if you want to change the combination by adding a seat or even splitting it into two you could! I was tempted to buy a sofa bed but after seeing how thin it was I changed my mind. The sofas are very big and can sleep three people or seat 13 people!

I purchased my sofa May 2009 and eight months later it’s still in perfect condition, seats are still firm and base as solid as when I first bought it. I thoroughly recommended Nabru for good customer service, delivery and workmanship.