New dog regulations

It looks like dog owners may soon be faced with even tougher regulations when it comes to having a pet dog. There is currently the Dangerous Dog Act where a dog owner can be fined for an out of control dog in a public place but it may soon include residences as well. The majority of dog owners are respectable people who genuinely want a pet dog for company and entertainment but there are some who are breeding dangerous dogs for crime and protection. Some dogs are naturally strong and bigger than others; they also have bad temperament so by having a vicious dog by your side, it may deter others. There are also some people who starve their dogs, beat them and make them take part in illegal dog fights. Some people go as far as cutting the tail off to make them fiercer.

New dog regulations

If the new regulations come into place every dog owner in the UK will need to have their dog micro chipped and have third party insurance in case it attacks someone. In some breeds, castrating dogs has shown that their behaviour is much better so the new regulations can also make you do this as well. It will also give Authorities such as the RCPCA permission to remove a dog from its owner and re-home it if they think it’s being mistreated.

It’s about time that they introduced tougher regulations to keeping dogs so that they can get out of control easily. There have been far too many cases of young children being attacked by ‘pet’ dogs and in some cases proving fatal. The cost of keeping a dog is already high with owners having to fork out a minimum of £120 a year for pet insurance, £200 in vet bills and another few hundred for food.

The knock on effect

Many people struggles to keep pets in the last two years and many have been abandoned or abused due to tight finances caused by the recession. So, many people may choose to either keep their pet dogs without insurance or even abandon them causing pet rescue centres and orphanages to be over run because of limited resources. What will happen in turn is the rescue centres will run out of room and either have to turn away other abandoned pets or put the older ones to sleep. As many pet rescue centres are funded entirely by the public and charity donations, many will be forced to close due to lack of funds so for those who say the government will just expand them are undoubtedly mistaken as the government have nothing to do with the rescur centres as they are independent.

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  1. marky-c April 3, 2010 / 5:02 am

    Hi there,something has to be done ,but should target owners that dont excercise there dogs,control there dogs,correct there dogs behaviour,etc,etc,NOT THE BREED ,the poor staffies getting the blame and bad press just because of a minority of careless egotistic cowards that use the dog as a trophy or a weapon because they are cowards,BAN STREET GANG MEETING WITH DOGS for a start why it isnt illegal already i haven,t a clue ? the 70s alsations got the blame,the 80s the rottweiler/doberman the blame now because of the few,thousands of good owners left anxious,its not right..

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