New North Middlesex Hospital Review

From June 1st 2010 the new hospital for North Middlesex was open and ready for patients to come and receive treatment. The new building is still on the same hospital grounds and cost £123 million, services such as A&E, operating theatres, outpatients, intensive care, inpatient wards and diagnostics have been transferred to the new building. It has been welcomed by most as the old buildings used for the above services were in poor condition and navigating was horrendous.

As a local resident my father is a pensioner that regularly attends North Middlesex Hospital for blood tests and outpatient appointments. Finding where you need to go for appointments and clinics in the old hospital was a nightmare, the signage was out of date and with clinics being moved and building works being carried on nearby it was a maze.

Since the new hospital has been opened for 7 months now I thought that any problems and kinks would’ve been sorted by now and I took my father to his latest appointment at the new build. It looks very impressive from the outside and as you arrive you can drop off patients just in front and continue through to the car park. As you walk in the hospital there is a large desk with a receptionist who can assist with directions and a board with endless information on where to go.

If you need to go to the outpatients department there is a reception desk just down the corridor that is very hard to miss. You need to check in and a bleeper is handed to you with no explanation, you are then told to proceed through the double doors. When you go through there are clinics numbered 1-8, it was manic, arriving at the reception desk the receptionist was rude and didn’t even greet me or anyone else who was waiting for booking in.

You get bleeped when it is your turn though this wasn’t explained; many older people looked confused as this new technology was not explained. I was there for a 10.30 appointment but didn’t leave until gone 11.45, far too long to spend in a waiting room; the appointment itself was over in 5 minutes.

I would like to note that there aren’t enough car parking spaces and you should leave a little earlier as you may need to hunt one down. Overall the new system is a sham, not enough staff, seating or explanations into the new appointment system. Yes it may look clean and new but it is by far the worst place for outpatient appointments!