Online shopping scam websites

With more and more people turning to the internet to make purchases there are many things you need to look out for to make sure it is safe. I have been shopping online to make the majority of my purchases for the last 8 years but internet security has improved a lot in the last three alone.

How to stay safe with online shopping?
Most people shop online for convenience, now you can order and have items sent to your workplace, a long time ago you couldn’t set up an address book with different addresses so you could choose someone who would be home to sign for your delivery. You also needed to pay additional charges if you were not home when a courier came to deliver your goods, now most places try to re-deliver up to 3 more times for free, then they charge you if they are unsuccessful.

Some people shop because they find a reputable website that sells goods for a competitive price so instead of driving to a store to buy what you need without any guarantee its in stock you can order it online for home delivery or check stock and reserve it for in-store collection. Those who have commitments such as childcare or are carers also find it useful to be able to order anything they want online and have it delivered.

  • When you find what you want and think it’s a good price just do a quick search to see what other retailers are charging for the same item, it gives you an idea of how much is reasonable to pay
  • If you are happy with the price on our chosen website then do a quick search to make sure that they have good customer service, delivery and are recommended by other satisfied customers
  • If you find that reviews are satisfactory then proceed but if the total is more than £50 or £100 pay by credit card for added protection

PayPal is also a safe way to pay with many online retailers signing up to use this as a method of payment. If you were to have any problems with a company you can get your money back quicker than if you used a debit card.

There are so many personal blogs on the web with people writing firsthand what they experienced, there are also other websites that are for reviews only and are unbiased and written by those who are happy or unhappy and want to share their view with other potential customers.