Organic Cotton – Why should we choose it?

Have you ever wondered why organic cotton is usually up to twice as much expensive as normal cotton? Most people when out shopping do not take the time to read why price differences are so big so they opt for the cheaper option. Would we still think the same if we knew how bad non-organic cotton really is? We highlight some of the major reasons as to why consumers should use organic cotton instead of non-organic.

Is non-organic cotton really that bad?

Fresh cotton that hasn’t been modified feels lovely and bouncy whether it’s an item of clothing, bed sheets or cotton balls. Organic cotton is produced so that it does not contain any pesticides or been genetically modified. They are also sold on at a fair price to the farmers so they can continue providing an honest and sustainable income. Cotton farmers can also employ workers without fear of them getting ill from all the chemicals used on non organic cotton. The chemicals used on non-organic cotton is harmful to the environment as it is to people and surrounding plants. The cotton industry uses more pesticides and harmful chemicals than any other crop. Cotton farmers can use up to 60% of their income to produce cotton but make no profit in return. As insects become immune, more pesticides are needed to kill them and the cycle goes on.

The pesticides used can destroy the ecosystem of the crop; they can also leak into the groundwater affecting marine life and water supplies. Who would’ve thought that growing non organic cotton could be so bad for the environment?

Why organic cotton is best

Organic cotton will make sure that farmers are treated fairly in terms of pricing and workers will be paid fairly too. When organic cotton is grown, natural ways to get rid of pests are used such as inter planting. Not only does it provide farmers with another valuable source of income but crops such as chilli and garlic will naturally repel unwanted pests. Workers will not get ill as a result of pesticides but instead will live a long and healthy life through the use of natural repellent methods.

Due to the amount of chemicals used in non-organic cotton, the next time you buy items such as clothes, home ware, cotton balls or any cotton products think well. It’s better spending a little more knowing it’s safer for the environment and for the future of our children.