Organic Washing Powder

There are many reasons why people are choosing to be more organically friendly and it’s important to know how we can all do our bit every day. By switching to a more environmentally friendly washing powder, we will not only be saving Earth but also our health and skin sensitivity.

Why buy organic washing powder?

One of the reasons some people may choose to switch to it after having a baby is because babies have sensitive skin and expectant mothers can also experience sensitivity. By choosing an organic washing powder, you can be sure that there are no harsh chemicals present that can affect both mother and baby. Some people can also experience skin sensitivity when on medication, so an organic washing powder can help soothe and relieve skin from chemicals. Organic products are not tested on animals and contain no dyes. Organic washing powder packaging is also 100% recyclable to help everyone do their bit in recycling.

Where to buy organic powder for washing?

With supermarkets still slow on the uptake, you will find that there isn’t much choice when it comes to organic products. Find larger high street stores and see if they have a larger range to choose from as you may not find everything you need to compensate for a high dose of chemically induced laundry washing.

Just like you have washing powder, there is also organic washing tables, organic liquid wash as well as organic stain remover and whitener. In some cases, organic products are more effective as they contain only natural ingredients that will not damage clothes and fabrics in any way. Contrary to what many believe, in some cases organic washing products can work out cheaper; you can choose the size of most products therefore saving money.

Most organic washing powders are scent free and perfume free.  Being unscented and unfragranced, you may think that this is bland but you can purchase organic fabric conditioner to add some fragrance to your clothes. In most cases, we wear perfume so the need for fabric conditioner is not really needed but for those who can’t resist, you can also add your own perfume or natural products such as lavender to make your clothes smell nice.