Pets which you can keep outdoors

If your looking for a pet which only lives outdoors, there are only a handful which fall into this category.

In America it’s very common for dogs to be kept outdoors as they have their own dog house (kennel) and feeding area. In England I suppose most people keep their dogs indoors. There are many advantages to keeping pet dogs outside – for example if you make sure they have a chain around them so that they cannot escape, they can run around freely in your garden. They can sleep when they like in their own dog house and they can eat when they like. You have to remember to clean up after them if they make a mess though and take them for walks regularly.

Pet rabbits can be very smelly so they are mostly kept outdoors in their rabbit hutch. Just like cats and dogs they have fur that keep them very warm when it’s cold outside. When it gets very cold I’ve known people to house them in the shed so it’s not so bad. Their hutch needs to be cleaned regularly because like I said they are very smelly pets. When they live outdoors in the summer, if you have a big garden, you can separate an area and let them run free.

I had a friend who had guinea pigs and they lived outside in the garden. They had a wire cage built on the grass and it was quite big and they could run freely, play, sleep and eat outside. Pet guinea pigs are a lot like hamsters but only bigger so they need more room to be comfortable.

If you’r lucky enough to have a very big garden that can accommodate stables, you can keep your very own pony or horse in your own garden. The advantage of this is you can pet and ride them whenever you want otherwise you would have to pay someone to look after your pet pony or pet horse and this can cost a lot of money. Saying this it is very demanding housing a pony/horse as you need to feed and groom them daily, make sure they get some exercise as well as making sure that they have clean bedding.