Pampering your pets

Do you want the best for your pets? Do you like to pamper them and have them live a life of luxury?

If so there are many places that supply luxurious bedding to house them and make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep.

Do you want your pet to stand out from the crowd why not shop around and you will find that there are many dog/cat collars that you can purchase that will guarantee compliments.

It’s quite normal for you to go to the park and see pet dogs with designer clothing on nowadays. There are many designers that make a small fortune taking custom made orders for outfits that match their own.

You can purchase anything from a wardrobe for you pampered pooches outfits to a dining set that will be the envy of all other dogs. You can get a coat for when it rains or fake fur coat for when its cold, the possibilities are endless.

I have to say one of the funniest things I have come across for pampered pets has to be body wash and eau de toilette but then again you wouldn’t expect any less for a pampered pet.

I took my mum shopping at Harrods recently would you believe we couldn’t find anything to buy!

Before we gave up we went to the pet store. I couldn’t believe my mum when she suggested it would be nice to buy her three cats toys, from Harrods.

I said she was being silly but she was determined not to leave empty handed even if it meant spending what would’ve been a new outfit on herself rather than buying toys for her cats.

So I helped her look for nice presents.

We decided on a small grey mouse that squeaks every time it moves, a pair of fluffy balls and a slippery fish toy.

While having a look round I couldn’t believe on what was on offer there were cat and dog collars that I had never seen before, at reasonable prices too. We were really tempted but the cats don’t like collars very much every attempt to make them wear one has failed. You could even buy prams for your pets I did find that quite odd.

My advice would be to also shop around on the internet as you will see that there are many things you can’t purchase in the shops, and to be honest there aren’t that may shops that sell fancy pet items on the high street. There are pet shops but you will notice that they are all the same.

 So if you want your pampered pet to stand out shop online or go to Harrods they have a good range although it’s more expensive you can see what you buy before you purchase it.