Pampers new Baby, Baby Dry and Active Fit review

Pampers new BabyBefore my daughter was born I had a lot of free samples of Pampers new Baby in sizes 1 and 2. I brought size 2 to the hospital thinking they would be fine but my daughter was too small weighing only 6lb 5oz at birth. Luckily the hospital gave me some Pampers new Baby size 1 as they are suitable for babies weight 4-11lbs. She was in them for ages, eventually we moved onto size 2 a few months later, when she was nearing the maximum of 13lbs in size 2 I didn’t think it was worth moving to size 3 and thought I’d try Pampers Baby Dry.

Baby DryPampers Baby Dry size 3 review
After reading some reviews they seemed ok and thought that it was worth buying so when I saw them on offer I went for it, I got two jumbo boxes of Pamper Baby Dry in size 3. The first few times my daughter wore them I noticed that they would bulge after her wearing it for a short period of time of an hour or less. I was constantly changing her! On closer inspection her nappy was nowhere near full but reacts to moisture so they always look full. The previous Pampers I bought were new Baby and had different absorbent material known as dry max and this one is Baby Dry. Disappointed that I still had hundreds to go through I decided to try Pampers active fit instead.

Instead of buying a big economy box of nappies like I usually do I decided to buy a small box instead just to ‘try’ it. At first they seem to be really thin so I was a little worried but my daughter only takes a 3-4 ounce bottle so I doubt that her nappies will ever leak. After the first time I tried Pampers Active Fit size 3 it was fantastic! No more bulges and no more constant nappy changes.

Active FitSo I have come to the conclusion that Pampers new Baby and Active Fit use Dry Max and Baby Dry is completely different. They react to moisture too intensely so you feel that your baby is sitting in a full wet nappy when in fact in most cases the opposite is true.

I prefer Active Fit and will stick to these in future but many people have found that they are too thin and leak at night but as my daughter doesn’t drink much anyway they suit her fine. For those that have babies that drink a lot then Baby Dry is probably best suited for night time. Baby Dry did in fact keep my daughter dry as I checked her in the morning and found that you couldn’t feel any wetness in the absorbent part.

So for those people that have the same problem as I did with Baby Dry switch to Active Fit it is by far the best I have tried so far!