Pass plus

After you have pass your driving test and are now a fully qualified driver your instructor may have given you some information on taking a pass plus course. Many young drivers do not take the opportunity to take this course as they think it’s a waste of time, after learning to driver for months the last thing they want to do is learn some more. But the advantages of taking pass plus do have their advantages.

Pass plus advantages
Your instructor will now be able to take on other roads such as the motorway and as a new driver driving for the first time this can be a scary experience but pass plus will give you greater awareness. You will also be educated on night time driving and driving in different weather conditions such as snow, fog and heavy rain. You can get useful tips from your pass plus instructor such as how to drive safely in snow.

Pass plus is aimed at new drivers but you can opt to do the course at any time. There are 6 modules to complete each around an hour in duration but this can vary. The cost of pass plus will also vary on your driving instructor and location. The greatest benefit of completing this course is in fact that you will get reduced premiums in your car insurance as they will see you as a low risk driver. This is not always true depending on the car you wish to drive, so the best thing to do is call an insurance company and inquired how much car insurance will be and how much you could save if you did pass plus. In some cases the savings are not so great so it’s up to personal judgement as to whether or not you do it.