Petrol prices too high for people to enjoy their vehicles

A few years back, you would get more petrol for the pound but nowadays it seems that the prices have gone up so much that you need like twice as much money to fill up your tank. Only a couple of years back, petrol prices were 90 pence a litre but these days, it’s way pass the £1.40 mark. On a small Nissan Micra, you could fill up the tank with £25 before but now it costs around £50 for the same amount of petrol.

It is very frustrating that petrol has become so expensive especially you rely on your car to take you places. The problem with public transport is that it is not reliable at all and if you must make sure that you are not late for an important meeting, then you will either have to go private or leave well before you should really do just to be on the safe side. Taxis are not cheap to get as well so it’s always easier to travel in the confort of your own car.

What is more annoying is the fact that many people enjoy visiting family or places in their car. You work hard during the week and on the weekend, you might want to give  yourself a break and visit your relatives or friends or just go somewhere nice. There are lots of places where you can relax or have a nice time but the problem nowadays is that it is very expensive to travel by car.

Many people can no longer afford to keep their car because it is getting too much for them. It’s a shame really but there’s not much you can do in a recession. Of course, it is good to use the car less so help the atmosphere and environment but that is not really the problem here. If more environmentally friendly substitutes were found that were economical for the average person, then yes, everyone would jump on the chance of having one. But to make petrol unaffordable to many people is just wrong.