Plastic surgery holidays

With the recession hitting most countries services such as plastic surgery are also being affected. Plastic surgery abroad used to be very popular especially within Europe as the pound was strong against the euro but now the pound is very weak and there is little or no savings being made. As a result of this many plastic surgeons are slashing their prices to attract more foreign patients who will benefit from reduced plastic surgery rates.

What are plastic surgery holidays?

Plastic surgery holidays are when you have surgical procedures but combine it with a holiday at the same time. You can go to India for surgery then Goa for a holiday, Spain, Greece and even Malaysia or Dubai. Some procedures require you to rest for a few days then you can leave but still take it easy; this is good for some but not all plastic surgery procedures. Many people think this is a fantastic idea but the reality is after major surgery such as a face lift or tummy tuck the last think you want to do is wear a bikini and sit in the sun. Some procedures also mean you have to wear surgical undergarments such as corset, stockings or special bra after any breast surgery.

Can you really save money by having plastic surgery abroad?

In a way yes you can, you can go to a reputable hospital have your surgery and have a dedicated team of nurses that will look after you. If you were at home then you would need your partner or friend to take time off to look after you while you recover. Some procedures can be as less as half the price that you pay in the UK for the same procedure. A tummy tuck is a prime example; costing over £4,000 in the UK you can pay half that price in Spain for the same surgery.

Beware that there are many unqualified surgeons that are scamming people into believing they are professional. Always look at previous work carried out on clients and do not feel rushed, forced or pushed into a decision you were no happy with. Some places have a UK office for consultations and then surgery carried out abroad this can be a good idea so you can talk over your options and then have surgery for a fraction of the price in a more exotic location.

The idea of combining surgery with a holiday is not ideal and there may be complications that arise that will interfere with the holiday part of your surgery holiday. With most surgery you need to allow time for healing and withhold from doing anything to strenuous that can cause stitches to burst or infections to occur. Plastic surgery holidays really do not make much sense so if you do choose to have plastic surgery abroad then be warned that there is a chance that you won’t feel up to sun bathing and taking tours as part of your surgery package.