Plumb Centre Review

When my electric shower by Showerforce broke down I had act fast and either fix it or find a new one. On my journey I ended up having the worst customer service experience with Plumb Centre, here is my story.

My broken shower
I had a very cheap white electric shower that was just over a year old. The warranty had just run out so I decided to call the manufacturer for some advice. The shower I had was made by Showerforce, I know it’s not a well known name but I didn’t think that it would have broken down so soon. I went on the internet and tracked them down. There was a section about technical problems but the suggestions still didn’t solve my problem. What had happened was my electric shower had stopped heating up the water so it was cold all the time. Having checked the pressure, cleaned it and all the advice that was on the website the shower still wouldn’t work. I decided to call them, there were a few numbers listed but each and every one of them just kept ringing. I then found out they had gone out of business and there was no-one to help with the after sales.

After doing some research it seemed like the thermostat of the electric shower had broken and for the £60 I paid for it I decided it was time to get a newer one that was a little better. When I took my electric Showerforce shower apart I realised that I would have a hard time find a new one as my water pipe was positioned awkwardly. I searched endlessly for a shower that I could fit using the existing connections and as all the wiring and pipe work had been tiled over to re-do the plumbing was out of the question. Then I found the Triton T80Z electric shower that matched my installation requirements.

Plumb Centre
I checked everywhere on the Internet but the soonest I could have it was in 5 days so I looked at all the local stores in my area. I came across Plumb base but they didn’t have it in stock they too could have one delivered in store in a few days but I needed it there and then so I continued searching for it. Conveniently next door was Plumb Centre, now when I parked my car opposite Plumb Centre I didn’t realise the assistant was watching me. He said that he noticed I went into Plumb Base first so he was a little annoyed. I was a little taken back but I really needed the shower so gave him an excuse.

He didn’t have the Triton T80Z in stock but promised he could have it in by Monday afternoon, it was Friday evening and everywhere was closing. He offered it to us with a very generous discount but I held off seeing if I could still get it elsewhere. The next day was Saturday and I had run out of options so I called Plumb Centre and placed the order for a Triton T80Z electric shower in white, they said it would be here on Monday and took down my contact details. I confirmed once again it was in white and 9.5kw.

As I waited on Monday for Plumb Centre to call me I realised it was lunchtime and I had no phone call about my order so I called them. They said they’re delivery still hadn’t arrived but they didn’t close until 5pm so there was still a chance. I called again at 4.30pm and they still hadn’t got it, they took my number and promised to call tomorrow when my order arrives. It was now Tuesday and I waited for the phone call. I called around 4.30pm when they said my order had arrived, I was a little angry that no-one called but was excited and relieved it was finally here.

When I went to pick up my order I realised they ordered the wrong one in! It was the chrome version costing over £200 not the white that I was offered at £140! I was fuming but kept my cool. I managed to get them to give it to me for £150, saving over £50!

I really didn’t enjoy my experience with Plumb Centre they were not very efficient and they didn’t have the courtesy to call me to tell me my order was here or that it hadn’t arrived the day it was supposed to. Yes I did get a hug discount but I needed a shower as soon as possible and the let me down. I won’t be relying on them in future and will warn everyone I know!