Provisional driver insurance

Insurance companies offer policies at quite high rates almost going over the top for those holding a provisional driving license and that they can barely afford.

Since drivers on a provisional driving license are more apt to be involved in dangerous accidents, many companies are not willing to offer them motor coverage and if they do, it tends to be very expensive. Nonetheless, quite a number of policies can be obtained such as the vehicle coverage for a 17 year old boy, complete policies or even third party schemes.

Most of the time, learners believe that once they are through the driving examination, the insurance value will go down, but unfortunately this is not the case as someone still under introspection can cause an accident as much as someone who has just been through the test.

Most insurance companies across the UK provide for cheap provisional insurance and within a broad range too. However, sometimes companies do not offer fair deals or even at fair rates to provisional driving license holders.

Cheap insurance policies are very difficult to find; they are either very costly or simply unavailable because of the high risk of accidents associated with these people. The insurance company normally checks out the documents and needs of the license holder if he/she was previously insured in the same company and then deals with the cost.

Provisional license holders tend to think that their overall insurance cost will decrease once they are through the test but this is not the case at all; the insurer considers someone who has just got his/her driving license just the same as someone who still holds a learner. The problem of a dangerous accident still remains and so insurance companies become reluctant to provide motor insurance to provisional driving license holders.