Putting up coving

It’s been almost a year now since we’ve measured the total length of coving that we would need in our house and purchased it from Wickes. The plan was to put up coving as soon as we were done with painting the walls. However after most of the things were done in the house, we got too comfortable to do any more work.

Coving is not difficult to put up in the house – all you need is a measuring tape, a pencil, a fine tooth saw and some good glue (for polysterene coving, wood coving requires more work). However after doing so much in the house, you are completely drained down and just want to be able to sit down and relax for a bit. Soon this becomes a habit and you can no longer find the courage to actually do any work and the jobs pending remains unfinished.

A standard size room should not take that long to do the coving once you’ve mastered the art of cutting. You’ll find that having someone to help you will make things easier because it will be difficult for you to hold a long piece of coving by yourself and wait for the glue to do its job.

Personally I think that coving adds a bit of elegance to a house. It covers up the wall and ceiling joints nicely and gives a professional look. Although it doesn’t cost a lot to put up coving, it can make your house sell faster and add more value to it as well because at the end of the day, appearance counts a lot to potential buyers.