Raj of India Welwyn Garden City Indian Restaurant review

As I am still on the hunt for a good Indian restaurant the other evening I decided to take my partner along to a nice Indian restaurant where we would hopefully become regulars. I came across Raj of India whilst doing a web search for Indian restaurants in Hertfordshire and decided to check it out. I thought it would be best to call up and make reservations and I’m glad I did because I called on a Tuesday evening to book the following day (Wednesday) and it was fully booked! I made reservations for the next available day which was Thursday evening for 6.30pm.

As it was fully booked I was hopeful that it was a good restaurant that many people keep going back to because the food and service is great. When we first got there I was a little put off as the area is very deprived, there are yobs hanging around everywhere and kicking a football about as well as intimidating passersby on their bikes. My first impressions were that the area was too rough and I would be constantly checking to make sure my car was ok.

When we ordered we weren’t offered a drinks menu so I’m not sure if they have one and didn’t offer it to us or they did not have one. As I was intent on having spicy food I asked if they made mango lassi’s and they said they did so we ordered two. Of course while we waited we had a few poppadoms with the usual condiments but the mango lassi took ages to arrive but we were told this. I was hoping it was worth it but when it finally came it was really sour and not at all as expected, it made me feel sick.

The food took ages to arrive around 35 – 40 minutes even though there wasn’t that many people there, there was us, another two couples and a party of around 9. I specifically ordered all the really spicy dishes but none of them were hot so I had to request some fresh green chilli. The food was very disappointing it was nothing special and the shrimp dish was just really small prawns! I wanted some desert but my partner wasn’t too happy so we decided to leave straight after. The manager came to us with the card terminal for payment and asked us how everything was, I told him that the food wasn’t hot enough and he said that we should have said when ordering how spicy we wanted it! The reason I didn’t specify was because each dish has its level of spiciness next to it, I forgot to tell him the mango lassi was disgusting.

Although the area is unsafe and dangerous the food was appalling and I cannot recommend going there for a meal. I don’t know how people can keep going back when it’s simply not good enough, very bland and service was too slow.