Recovering from Christmas and New Year festivities

I’m very lucky that by choice I choose not to celebrate Christmas by spending silly money on gifts for friends and family. I personally believe that Christmas should be about spending time with family and friends as we all lead such busy lives that it’s impossible to keep up with all the latest news, good or bad. I take this opportunity to invite everyone round to catch up and drink and eat without feeling guilty.

Over Christmas and New Year I’ve had up to 20 people round to visit with the majority of them staying over, in food and drink alone I have spent over £500! If I were to buy presents for everyone then I would never go on holiday and would not be able to but my mum and sister presents for their birthday which falls the following month.

How to not let Christmas ruin you financially?

Many people that I know use the January sales to stock up on things for the following year. For example this year my sister-in-law will use the sale to save up to £100 on decorations and a new Christmas tree for the end of the year. Decorations can be sold for as little as 25p and a Christmas tree worth £60 sold for as little as £10. The same goes for Christmas crackers, tinsel and Christmas cards. We should all take this opportunity to get organised and save some well deserved £’s for the end of the year. My best friend also used the sales to buy toys for her children that will be 5 and 7 this Christmas she saved £300 by buying reduced presents.

If Christmas is very important for you and your family you should start putting money aside as early as August. Most people fail to realise that you still need to pay bills at the beginning of the month so by planning early you shouldn’t have to default on mortgage, council tax, gas and electricity bills.

Remember Christmas isn’t about spending obscene amounts of money of everyone but to have a good time and catch up with all the people you love and don’t get to see as often as you would like. It’s also a time to reflect and make positive changes to the forthcoming year as this is the time of year people of for a career change.