Recycling, for the rich?

It seems that all the council’s in the country are pushing for a more greener environmentally friendly living, brown bins, recycling boxes, compost maker and food caddies are available from nearly all neighbourhood councils. Some are provided free of charge, such as brown bins, caddies and recycling boxes for cans, paper and some plastics. What is on offer and what services you need to pay for differ from place to place but the majority of councils try their best to encourage residents to recycle as much as possible, some have incentives such as cash back or money towards environmentally friendly products. There are many schemes for things such as re-usable nappies, free caddies and compost making heaps.

Making your own compost from food scraps, cardboard and garden waste is a good idea for those who have the room, waste and time to do some gardening but what many people fail to realise is that it smells and attracts pests such as rodents and bugs. Foxes are also attracted by the smell which can cause problems for those who have small pets such as rabbits and cats.

How does recycling cost householders money?

If you do not have a driveway, side access or room for a wheelie bin in front of your home then you will need to buy special garden waste sacks that will be collected by the council on their scheduled day. These sacks cost money usually £15 for two, seems like a lot of money for something that will only go on to get recycled. Other things such as food caddies to collect perishables need to be bought by some councils costing on average £7, then a liner such as a brown bag or recyclable plastic one needs to be bought to prevent it getting dirty costing another £10. If you have a compost bin then councils also sell a liquid that helps speed up composting time but this costs around £10, the compost bin itself starts from £20 including delivery.

On average you can spend £32 a month just buying caddie and brown bin liners and liquid to help speed up composting. I understand the importance of changing the way we live so we can have a more environmentally friendly earth but some of the costs just to start recycling are crazy, then add the cost of monthly maintenance it is too much, no wonder many give up recycling at the end, there are too many costs involved.