How to remove wall tiles effortlessly?

Having just recently given my kitchen and bathroom a makeover, I would like to share my tips to remove tiles quicker.

How to get rid of old tiles?

The first method I tried was by using a chisel and mallet. Some tiles came off quite easily whilst some others were stuck on inch by inch. It was much harder to remove the tile by using a mallet and chisel; you need a lot of strength in the arms. There are two ways to remove tiles with a chisel and mallet: – smash the centre of the tile and the rest is easy or place the chisel under the edge of the tile and hit with a mallet.

The most effective and easiest way is to buy or hire a hammer drill then attach a flat tip chisel; the tiles will come off easier along with the grout and adhesive too. It will also save a Iot of time.

Always wear goggles as small pieces of tiles fly off the wall and into the eyes. Be careful as I also cut my cheek through a piece of tiling that came off the wall.