Renting car for the weekend

Think about this for a moment: it’s Friday, you are at work and getting all excited about your plans for the weekend. You do have something in mind but are not quite sure about it and then, just like that, something that should have been so obvious right from the beginning hits you. Of course weekend car rental! While you are rushing to your car, some friends call you along the way and enquire about the weekend plans and now together with a weekend car rental, you are heading for a road trip.

Next step is to call your local car rental agency and enquire about their rates. There are three types of car packages for weekend car rental. The first option is the one for people with a specific budget which includes a sedan of some sort and is not very expensive. Remember that weekend car insurance needs to be arranged if not already included. The next one is a hybrid car and this is where you have to decide as to what exactly you will be doing during the weekend. If you are going to the beach or the mountains, this may be the right car for you so as to save on gas mileage. The third option is a luxury car for you to spend your weekend in all glamour but it is highly not recommended if you are planning on enjoying some outdoor activities.

The luxury car would be ideal if you are heading to a grand party or conference; they are generally quite expensive but worth it. It all depends on what you are really looking for.

Getting back to the weekend plan, you and your best friend are on the doorstep of the rental agency now. Again the three options will be offered to you by the person at the front desk. Once you have chosen the one that fits you best, you will be asked about insurance coverage. Though your personal insurance may be good enough to cover this rental, you may want to get the extra coverage if you are going for a luxury car or have state minimum on your current coverage. You will then be asked about limited or unlimited mileage; you can then make your payment and drive away in your newly rented car for a perfect weekend.