Review for Cuprinol battery powered sprayer

Back in June I had 6ft fence panels put up on both sides of the garden its now October and starting to get very cold. Before the weather takes a turn for the worst and it starts raining every day I decided I should paint the fence panels so I don’t have to worry about it until next year. Hubby said we should paint it with a fence brush but I made it clear that it would take too long.

Spray painting the fence
When we went to B&Q Cuprinol battery powered sprayer was £10 less so we decided to give it a go. I bought Cuprinol sprayable paint in Rich Cedar. With a big garden the Cuprinol paint came in 5 litre containers and one container sprays up to five fence panels. We needed about 5 costing £12.98 each on top of the spray machine £31.98 bringing the total to £96.88.

After reading the instructions I had to charge the rechargeable battery for about an hour and a half. After the battery had charged I adjusted the spray gun to the desired spray amount and I started. It was quick and easy and one Cuprinol container filled up the entire spray gun tank, it comes with a handy shoulder strap so you can carry it around with ease. Even so it was still quite heavy. After half an hour you had to recharge it again I managed to spray paint 7 panels in that time with 20 more to go. After charging it for an hour and a half the spray gun was just squirting out paint and the nozzle wouldn’t reduce the amount of paint coming out the nozzle. After several attempts and cleaning the parts it still wouldn’t work. We took it back the next day.

The store took the Cuprinol battery powered sprayer back with no questions asked. I have later found that although on the container of the Cuprinol spray paint it says not to use with any other machine than its own it was too thick and needed to be watered down.

My verdict
I would not recommend this product it is too time consuming as it takes over an hour and a half to charge with only 30 minutes to use before it needs to be charged again. It’s very heavy, and there’s too much cleaning involved. The paint itself was fine as I later tried to paint with it using a fence brush, but there are own brand products that are half the price with the same result.