RSPCA advice line for birds

As we know the RSPCA are an independent charity that rescue stray animals, care for injured animals and give out general information about caring or finding abandoned, injured or lost animals. Very rarely do people take the time to find out more about charities but there may be a day when you will need to use their services. The RSPCA website has changed over the years, as a child I remember that they used to have a whole library of information for all small pets and animals we may come across. Just the other day I needed some information and even the RSPCA website couldn’t help me. I felt bad about phoning but in the end I had no choice.

My RSPCA concern
While I was in the garden I noticed that my cat was acting strange he seemed like he was playing with something. As I took a closer look I realised he had caught a little bird and it was trying to escape. I managed to rescue it from the claws of my cat and put him in a little box. He was breathing and didn’t look injured at all but he wasn’t moving. Luckily we had straw from when we use to keep chickens so put some in a little box and waited for it to start moving again. As I went to get some information on the internet I realised that there isn’t any information about rescuing birds from cats. I couldn’t find any guidance to what I should do.

I did read that sometimes the bird suffers from shock but after it recovers it will fly off on its own. The little bird I found seemed to be too small to fly so I waited until it could give me some indication that it was ok. After an hour I decided I needed to call the RSPCA to find out what I needed to do, as I was getting up off the sofa the bird leapt out of its box and starting jumping everywhere. As it was only little I was trying not to step on it, eventually it hid under the sofa. I have a very large custom made U shape sofa so moving it was out of the question. I managed to get it out and put it back into the box. As it seemed to have recovered I decided to place him outside and see if he flies off.

I put him on my garden table and left after 10 minutes he was still there, I went so see him and he jumped out his box and hid in one of my fuchsia plants. I managed to get him and though if I threw him in the air he would start flying, he didn’t and fell straight back down again onto the grass. I then noticed he had hurt his wing.

I decided to call the RSPCA for some advice, the caller I had was an older man who thought he knew everything. When I told him I was calling about a little bird he went on to tell me things that I already knew, like it was a fledgling, it needs to be left alone blah blah blah. After he finished I the proceeded to tell him that I rescued it from my cat not that I found it, he wasn’t very helpful and told me to take it to my vets the first thing in the morning and they would look after it. I even had to ask if I had to feed it, he was very abrupt and simply said it should survive the night without food but some water should be left out.

First thing in the morning I went to check on the little bird, he spilt he water everywhere and was huddled in a corner trying to keep warm. I took him out and put him in a new box so he could dry off and warm up again. After 10 minutes I went to check up on him and he had died. I also discovered what I think may have been his mum; my cat had brought a bigger bird into the garden overnight. So after all that I couldn’t rescue a bird from the clutches of my cat.