Rubbish clearance removal methods

Most people have a garden clearance once every few years but there are some of us out there that have to do it yearly if not a few times a year. Having a big garden and then re-landscaping, paving, planting etc means a lot of rubbish.

How do we get rid of bulky household waste?
Everyone says oh yes the council will get rid of that for you; the answer is the council doesn’t accept all the garden waste you have to get rid of. For example in Hertfordshire brown bins are used to collect garden waste it is collected every fortnight. If you cut down a few trees they won’t fit in the brown bin so you might have a pile of branches and tree trucks for months. The council also don’t recycle soil, burnt matter i.e. wood and cut trees or electrical items for free. Having cleared out my garden 3 times already this year I have tried various methods here I list the good points and the bad points.

Ways to clear rubbish
When we remodelled our house we took out the kitchen, bathroom and all the fixtures and fittings from all rooms like lighting, doors and radiators. We also had some junk from the garden like a brick built shed we knocked down and a greenhouse. We decided to call a waste collection company who would load up the van themselves and get rid of it legally. You are charged by how much space the rubbish takes up in the van 1/3, ½, ¾ or full the priced vary but it was no different to hiring a skip and this included their labour. The bricks were charged by the weight and the metal frame from the greenhouse would also be charged separately. Before they start the job they give you a quote and if you’re happy then they start if not they just go your no obliged to accept the quote when they come out.

After hiring the external waste company we still had bricks and metal to get rid of so we hired a hippo bag. They come in a few sizes and when you are ready you just call to arrange a collection. The hippo bags are quite strong and held over a tonne worth of just bricks but even after filling the bag we were still left with lots of garden rubbish it just wasn’t big enough.

This is when we went with the most common method to remove rubbish, hiring a skip. They come in various sizes to meet your requirements and they accept just about everything. Skip prices vary but I hired an 8 cubic yard skip for £192 keeping for two weeks. They wouldn’t accept fridges, freezers and asbestos prior to arranging this with them first for an additional cost. They took everything that was left in the garden to clear, concrete, bricks, wooden fence panels, metal from the greenhouse, glass and soil and trees.

We must’ve spent at least £7000 clearing our garden with the three methods of garden clearance hiring a skip, a hippo bag and hiring a waste removal company.

The best method I found was the skip, it took pretty much everything you have with a few exceptions like the fridge but then again the council will charge you for this any way. It probably took us 1 full day fill 8 cubic yard skip.