Safestyle UK – Review

As my partner and I work from home its quite annoying when the phone or the doorbell rings because you know you haven’t ordered anything or expecting any phone calls. Usually I’ll get people who are from the church, utility companies and sometimes canvassers trying to sell a product or service. Well today that’s exactly what I got, whilst I was busy working there was a knock on the door I wasn’t sure whether I should answer it or not, then the doorbell rang so I thought I’d have a quick look.

There was a well dressed man holding a leaflet, he asked if the house was bought or council owned before proceeding. He was trying to get me and my partner to buy new uPVC windows and doors, although we had considered doing this we decided to hold off until we were financially able to pay for them cash not on credit. As the man was going through his sale pitch I just couldn’t help but laugh, he was getting our phone number because the head office had to verify the call before sending someone out to give a quote. My partner gave a fake number and the sales man left.

I told my partner that he should’ve told him straight that he didn’t need new windows and that would have been the end of that. I told him that they would be back as the number he had given was fake. Sure enough in half an hour the salesman was back to verify our number, my partner then told the salesman that he changed his mind and to cancel the appointment. The sales man then said that the appointment had already been booked in for a quote at 4.30 – 5pm. He said that they would be turning up and we would have to deal with it ourselves. I found this really hard to take in as it is supposed to be a no obligation quote and we couldn’t cancel our ‘free’ appointment.

After the second visit from the salesman I searched the internet to find we had a lucky escape, there have been many people who have had to sign paperwork in order for the sales reps to leave the house! Some are still being bombarded with phone calls asking them to accept the quote; it’s really upsetting that such a large company can make you think twice before opening your door.