Shake and rake one year on

It has now been one year since we scattered shake and rake seeds around the garden, we had three varieties, butterfly and bee, scented flowers and wild flowers. We did get some lovely flowers just a few weeks later and an abundance of butterflies and bees that seemed to like the new flower additions in the garden. Although we didn’t get nowhere near as much as the colourful variations as shown on the box we did get some nice flowers that are not so commonly found elsewhere in parks and so forth.

There were some weird ones such as coriander, we found that this fell into the scented flowers pack other than that I cannot recall what other flowers were there that were supposed to be scented. At the time we had just planted more than a dozen roses and some bedding plants, we felt that the garden needed a little more colour and variety in flowers so that’s why we went with shake and rake. Also at the time of buying they were quite expensive, retailing around £5 a box but now you can buy them in your local supermarket for as little as £1 a box with some lovely flowers that you won’t find in your local garden centre.

Well now that we are in summer we were looking forward to having a bright garden with a variety of flowers like we did last year, unfortunately we were greeted with more weeds than flowers! They are supposed to come back every year but for some reason we have seen an abundance of weeds, now I constantly have to de-weed my garden whereas before my flower beds were fine. I am extremely disappointed to say the least, if I want to achieve what I had last year I need to go and buy some bedding plants. As I have such a large garden that’s why I went for shake and rake as it was supposed to be the least expensive.

So initially have shake and rake flowers it did do what it says on the box but a year later there are no flowers and just weeds instead. So beware of this if you decide to go down the shake and rake route, this year I have decided to buy seeds and sow them myself, works out pretty cheap too and so far no weeds!