Shake n’ rake – seed shaker review

Whilst out at a garden centre a week ago I stumbled across a box of seeds called ‘shake and rake’. Having never seen this type of product before I thought I’d find out a little more about it.

Shake n’ rake – seed shaker by G Plants LTD

G plants have a few varieties of shake and rake seeds, the three most popular and most widely found are Wild flowers, Scented flowers and Butterfly and bee flowers. The idea is to make planting as simply but as rewarding as possible. When you open the box all you see is what looks like saw dust not actual seeds, but if you look closely you can see one or two.

A box of shake and rake can cover as much as 50m² and seed 25 different kinds of flower in one box but in reality I found that it covers much less than that. The place where I bought it from had a special offer of buy two for £5 which I thought was a bargain. When I went home and did some research I found the exact same product selling for £10 excluding delivery charge. If you shop around you can find similar products that are selling for as little as £1.19.

butterfly and bee flowers

It has only been a week since I bought shake and rake so I have to wait awhile to see if they actually work but the only reason I bought them was because of the variety of flowers that you get in such a small box and at a good price. If I had to buy all the flowers that are shown on the boxes it would cost a small fortune, so this way all I need is to do the minimal work of preparing the soil then shaking the seeds and wait for them to blossom.

In all I do find this product to be a bargain and even bought a box for my mum to try. If you do not have time to buy plants or have a large garden that would cost too much to maintain then shake and rake is an ideal product for you. With so many different flowers to watch and grow it’s so simple that even children can do it with little supervision. The box states that they should be planted between February and June but since I bought it in July and the weather has been very nice I planted them anyway. It shouldn’t do any harm as the time specified is only a guide and since this summer is supposed to span into September I’m sure that I will have time to see my flowers bloom before autumn and winter gets into full swing.

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