Sky HD weekend pass

A week ago there was an advertisement for all Sky customers, they are giving all their customers access to their HD channels as part of a Sky HD weekend.

The Sky HD weekend will start Friday 29th October 6pm until Monday 1st November 6am this is for Sky customers. For Virgin customers the Sky HD weekend will begin from Saturday 30th October 6am until Monday 1st November 6am. There is a selection of movies to suit all tastes and genres, family movies, action and also romance.

There is no need to register if you are already a customer as these channels will unlock automatically, as long as you have a HD ready TV you will be able to take advantage of this weekend’s viewing pleasure.

I have only seen this advertised twice in the space of two weeks and even a search on Virgin does not give me any information on this weekend pass. Doing a search with Sky is also as bad as you need to do some digging before you find the FAQ’s and all other related information. For something that is free and will benefit Sky you would think that more advertising and awareness would be raised.

Having previously looked into getting a HD subscription the lack of channels available is what put me off not the price. It’s a shame that so many people have a HD ready TV but are unable to benefit from watching HD films and programmes. The only way to benefit from having a HD TV is to rent a film that is HD.

Well we can only hope that this weekend pass will go without any glitches so we can see what the fuss is really all about.