Social networking spies

Around 75% of people who have internet at home are also on a networking site, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Many of us like to vent our anger or even praise the services or brands that we have encountered recently. This is useful information for people out there who are waiting on friends and family members to try out a service or product and give their honest opinions on them. But what happens when there are spies who are tracking every little thing that is being said on their company or service? For example recently there was a story about pop singer Lily Allen, she was experiencing problems with her BT internet and vented her anger on Twitter.

After BT ‘internet spies’ saw her comment they immediately contacted her and resolved the problem. There have been many other customers that have been contacted by BT after leaving status updates about the poor service via Facebook status updates. After leaving innocent comments they have been contacted by BT’s customer service asking for more information so they can resolve the problem.

Are the social networking websites safe?
Yes and no, when you sign up to these sites you must check your privacy settings, if you want the whole word to see your information then no it is not safe. By changing your settings to allow only your friends that are on the networking site to see what you have written then ‘outsiders’ will not be able to access this.

There are many companies out there such as easyJet, Lloyds TSB, Carphone Warehouse, BT and many others that are monitoring social networking sites and blogs to see what is being said about them. They will only use this data to help improve their services and contact disgruntled customers who may have an adverse effect on business.

How can we benefit from social networking spies?
There was a customer recently who posted a rant on the internet about poor service and the lack of customer service staff in the call centres as her calls were never picked up or acted on. After just two hours a representative contacted her to sort out the problem. So if you have a blog, social networking site or forum you belong to have a good old fashioned rant and you could be contacted by a customer service representative to help solve your problem. This has worked for many people but remember if you think they are breaking the law by contacting you through a social networking site the lodge a complaint with Information Commissioner.